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Posted on Oct 16, 2022
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I got this because I am getting slammed by menopause symptoms. There are a lot of things that help with Menopause so I recommend doing your own research. I wanted something that fit most of my complaints. I chose the drops because I am a person who likes to take small amounts of herbal or supplement items and work up to the smallest effective dose. Right now I am taking between 5 or ten tiny drops per day. I take it in the morning because it seems to give me a little energy boost and take on an empty stomach so I can pay attention to how it is helping me. I have good reference books, and have taken classes on herbal remedies. I am trying this for the past two weeks and it seems to be helping with my interrupted sleep, headaches, and HOT FLASHES. My herb experts tell me that taking too much of this could make headaches worse so that is the reason I am starting with such a small dose.. So far it seems to be working and I am cautiously optimistic that I may have finally found something that works or me. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - there are a lot of good resources out there. The taste of the product is mild and I know it is helping so I would not care about the taste of something that helps - this is a slightly pleasant taste to me so that is a bonus. The product seems a good suspension and consistent (though I always tap (percuss) liquid supplements from time to time to prevent settling - even the best liquids can settle a little. There are many things that help with HOT FLASHES so taking a class, getting a good book or seeing a specialist are all things I have done and would recommend for finding what works best for you. I am super happy Natures Answer makes such a good quality product.