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Posted on May 19, 2023
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My wife has been suffering from "stress incontinence" for some 5 years. Any jumping, running, laughing, coughing, or sneezing could lead to an "embarrassment." This was a continual burden for her, especially since she is a physical fitness enthusiast and loves to go biking or to work out to a fitness DVD. She tried the well-known solutions: bladder teas, kegel exercises. Having exhausted these options, we seemed to be backed up against a wall with no place to turn. Somehow or other, I came across the "nutriceutical solution." After reading the very favorable reviews on these pumpkin seed extract pills, I decided, "what the heck" we would give it a try. It appeared to me that the problem was primarily physiological, but I guessed pumpkin extract might perhaps anaesthetize the nerves and thereby reduce the sensation of urgency. Well, guess what? It did that and more. When we went to the gym for our joint workouts, my wife soon noticed the difference. Within one week of starting the pills, the exercise-induced leakage had ceased entirely. She could even jog a mile or more on the treadmill, and voila, no problem! The problem can still recur with strong belly laughter, strong coughing and/or sneezing, but this is still a big improvement. We are astonished and amazed that simply taking a capsule a day of a natural substance could have such a dramatic effect. To me this qualifies as a miracle. I wanted to get the word out in case there is anyone else with a similar problem. I think this is vastly cheaper, safer, and more convenient than the other options.